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Our state of art modern technological digital printing equipment enable us to create custom design
full color vinyl decals at high resolution digital printing of 720×720 dpi.
We use high quality Self Adhesive Vinyls for all our custom design full color vinyl decals, that is 4mil
white PVC film with clear permanent glue on the backing for strong bonding also know as high-bond
vinyl. These custom design full color vinyl decals are absolutely ideal for outdoor use to withstand
any kind of harsh weather. For further UV and fade protection we can laminate using UV protection
100% clear lamination film. That would also provide graffiti feature, that could be wiped out without
damaging the print on decal. We can make these custom design full color vinyl decals in various
sizes, smallest as half inch to any infinite size. Single piece decal could be a maximum size of
52” x 159ft. These digitally printed and additionally laminated custom design full color vinyl decals
are useful for vehicle graphics and advertising, window advertising, window decoration, privacy
purpose, graphics for indoor and outdoor advertising just to name a few.
Our custom design full color vinyl decals are also ideal for safety and warning decals, instructions
and directions, branding labels, identification tags, equipment decals and many such use.
Under normal weather conditions the longevity of these decals could be 3-5 years.
We have several types of vinyls to make these custom design full color vinyl decals, like for longer
life expand up to 7 years we carry high performance vinyl. For night visibility we have Reflective Vinyl
and for office use as for presentation purpose we have Dry Erase vinyl, that could be use for writing
with dry erase marker.
For further information please contact us, or send us your art work file for custom quote.


For the purpose making window glass vinyl decals, we carry (7) different types of high quality vinyls.
All these window glass vinyl decals are printed in high resolution eco friendly odor free ink at 720×720 dpi. and could
be printed in one single piece of decal up to a maximum size of 52” x 100ft.
(1) 4mil White PVC film vinyl, that is of permanent adhesive, waterproof, weather proof, and with additional UV protective
100% clear lamination could withstand any harsh weather conditions with lasting life of 3-5 years. This window glass vinyl
decal is also considered as high-bond for its aggressive adhesive nature.
(2) Our high performance window glass vinyl decals vinyl material is a self adhesive 3mil calendered PVC film is of a great
quality and a wonderful feature of air release that will not leave any air bubbles. and has longer lasting life of up to 4+years.
Also could additionally be laminated for UV protection and fading prevention. Could also be easily removed or repositioned.
(3) Sometimes there is need to easily remove without leaving any stains of residual glue spots that are stubborn, and to meet
that requirement, we have an easy solution for window glass vinyl decals vinyl material of 2.5mil low tack adhesive but long
lasting life for interior and exterior use. This window glass vinyl decal material is excellent for high class graphic images, fade
resistant, durable and waterproof.
(4) Our another great product for window glass vinyl decals is a Translucent Vinyl that is 3mil thick with just right amount of
translucency, for light to pass through for night time attraction with light in the back of the glass, plexi, acrylic, lexan etc. smooth
surfaces. The only caution to bear in mind would be to understand that this window glass vinyl decals are printed in high density
printing mode, that would create a thicker coat of printing and therefore will be perfect when lighted in dark. And will give a darker
appearance without light from back during day time as the light source is from frontage. This material has a resolution of
1440 x 720 dpi.
(5) For a luxurious look we have Etched Printable Frosted Vinyl, that will give an impressive image at the same time providing
a private atmosphere for glass interiors and exteriors. It is a smart alternative for an actual etched glass for a fraction of the price.
This window glass vinyl decal gives less than 50% transparency while giving an expensive image of your choice graphics of
image. It is listed with us as 4mil Etched vinyl for window glass vinyl decals.
(6) We have another great choice of Clear Vinyl for window glass vinyl decals, that has an amazing durability of about 4 years
for exterior use. The backing has a transparent clear permanent adhesive. We print this clear vinyl just like any other vinyl digitally
at 720×720 dpi. But we not print white ink. Therefore, any area with white spots will be left out as clear spots. Also it is imperitive
to understand that, since it is a clear material, the printing resolution will be slightly different (lighter) that any other vinyl
material. Also good to know that there will be slight opacity in the material when applied on a clear surface like clear glass.
(7) Our last out standing material for window glass vinyl decals is called window perforation. This window glass vinyl decals
material is white perforated film with black adhesive backing. It has small – tiny halls in the ratio of 60% printable area and 40%
open see through area. This material shows graphics on one side and an absolutely unobstructed view from the other side.
Window perf. is perfect for advertising on vehicle windows and store front windows, as it does not block outside view looking
from inside. This window glass vinyl decals material is water proof and UV safe.
For any further information, please contact us or send us your art work for custom quote.