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Neon is Obsolete, LED Illumination is current for:

High Illumination
Low voltage power consumption
Longer Lasting
Virtually No Maintenance !
Affordable Low Prices !

Illuminated Light Box :

Illuminate your custom graphics with our slim light box.
Our light box features a sleek aluminum finishing on the frame edges, giving your graphics that extra touch. Includes all power accessories to light up your graphic.
Laminated backlit film material can be inserted in this light box (optional).

If you already have prints, install them in as face mounting. Or we can make stunning prints with your supplied art work from Backlit Film that will give excellent illumination.

Standard sizes: 18” x 24” & 24” x 36” we can make larger sizes as custom orders.

Installation available, or do it yourself easy
installation, just hang as wall frame, plug & play !
Light weight easy to carry, no glass, all PVC.